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Custom fenders available in solid heavy 16 gauge steel, brass, copper, or .125" aluminum. The Full 37" & shorty 21" fenders come in 4.5", 5", 6", or 7" widths.
These are You can see the difference in the photo below compared to a standard factory produced fender.

27.5" dia. is the most popular size & looks really nice w/ vintage style 16" or 18" modern rear tires. 16" rear tires need a 26.5" radius. These fenders are 1 piece;
there is no weld seam to sand!
There are other ribbed duck-tail fenders out there, but check the thickness & radius. Instead of paying more for the thinner
fender and having it crack or break, save yourself time & money and buy the good one. All fenders come in a wire brushed finish.
Because mounting the
fender is just as important as the fender itself (and we can't control how you mount your fender), we cannot recommend our fenders for passenger use.

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