Dual Lead Ignition Coil 12V
Dual Lead Ignition Coils
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Tri-Spark coils have extra windings using heavier wire and a high grade core for improved spark energy and duration. You can use this new top quality dual 12V coil to replace your stock single 6V coils for a cleaner look and better performance. These will work great with electronic ignitions like Tri-Spark, Sparx, and Boyer systems.

**NOTE** If you are using an older system that does not have dwell control {coil is always switched on} then you need to run the standard canister coils.

This is a top grade 12V coil has two 2 outputs for twin cylinder machines, modern or classic and has a 3 Ohm impedance for points or electronic ignition (Boyer, Tri-Spark, Pazon, Rita etc). These units are sent to us directly from Tri-Spark as we are an authorized dealer. The HT (High Tension or High Voltage) leads are 22" inches long and sealed into the unit. The body is 2.75"(with mountings 3.75"). The units side width is about 1-7/8" and 1.5" wide on top/bottom.

"So long as the primary is at least 3 ohms the coils will be fine to use."

Warning - These coils discharge with a very high voltage so extra care must be taken to always have a spark plug connected to the HT output.

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